Indefinitelys Suggests

I am starting the tradition of introducing other good stuff on this “about me” section.
I will be sharing suggestions of good books, movies, plays, even recipes – anything you can think of!

Week 1: My favorite novel
A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

Week 2: A wordy and interesting play
Art by Yasmina Reza

Week 3: Chocolate from an unexpected place
Ikea Food’s milk chocolate

Week 4: A new discovery
Jon Sands’ slam poetry

Week 5: Back on my Netflix game
The Blacklist (with the perfect loveable villain James Spader)

Week 6: Sweet tooth for a sweet center
The Ron Bennington from Molly’s Cupcakes

Week 7: Best smelling coffee
Guatemala Antigua (Starbucks)

Week 8: Casual movie with fantastic cast (and a ton of beer)
Drinking Buddies

PS: Excuse me for the lack continuity on these suggestions. I’ll be back with more!


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