Nobody Knows Me At All (The Weepies)


“When I was a child, everybody smiled, nobody knows me at all
Very late at night, and in the morning light nobody knows me at all”

Saturday night, I sat down at my laptop with my phone in my hand, and I had nothing to do.
Like, no unanswered messages, no FB chats popping up, no mails to answer, no tasks to get to.
I shot a random text to one of my closest friends, no answer from there either.
I couldn’t think of one person I wanted to talk to. Well I could think of a couple of people, but then what would we talk about?
How do I strike up a conversation on a Saturday night, from my couch at my home on Facebook?

“Now I got lots of friends, yes but then again, nobody know me at all
Kids and a wife, it’s a beautiful life, but nobody knows me at all”

I mean in the end, I found myself on Yahoo Answers, so I could answer the questions of total strangers.
I would rather talk to strangers and deal with their problems than be alone.
But how the hell did I get to that point where that was an actual alternative to talking to my own friends, I don’t know.

“I don’t give a damn, I’m happy as a clam nobody knows me at all.
Ah, what can you do, there’s nobody like you, nobody knows me at all”

A couple of weeks ago, both me and Duckling saw Simon Helberg’s “We’ll Never Have Paris”.
Simon and his fiance fight, she leaves for Paris and Simon follows – because he doesn’t quite get the part where they are “through”. So there’s a sequence of Simon and the ex-fiance spending time together in Paris, despite everything.

Duckling told me that she loved that sequence, and she said she “understood” that part so well. She’s done that. And it was pretty pleasant and un-expectedly un-awkward.
I never understood people who don’t particularly like each other but spend time anyway.
I didn’t understand how they did it.
And I thought I never could, but as I am growing older I understand that that’s just a part of life.

Now I do it.
I spend time with people I don’t really know, and I am not particularly interested in, and it’s an okay time, no complaints. Most of the time anyway.
And you know what? It’s not anymore awkward than the time I spend with some of my old friends.

“I know how you feel, no secrets to reveal, nobody knows me at all
Very late at night, and in the morning light, nobody knows me at all”

Growing up and growing apart.
I truly feel like an old fart.
(And that’s not a part of this song. I made it up on the spot. And it rhymed. Bo-yah.)

So what do we take away from all this?
Growing up sort of kind of equals happiness becoming rare, and being content with awkwardness.
There’s quite a bit of growing within one’s head, so you become this person that only you know.

So yeah, “Nobody knows me, nobody knows me, nobody knows me at all”



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