Watching You Win (Anne Heaton)*


Today was one of the first days (after a long while) that I got done with a good amount of work.

And funny as it is, my inspiration and motivation was driven from the smile of this really nice and really cute guy. When I was looking for a place to start doing work, he made the mistake of saying hi to me – so I sat next to him.

“He came to earth from a cometh, from the blazing blue
And landed like a superhero in our school
It was like hearing Elvis sing, yeah you’d sping the miracle from any old thing
And knock ’em down as we gather round
To see you make it look easy”

We must have been there for two hours, studying together, getting work done, and showing each other our progress and of course, joking around.
He had to leave in after those two hours, but I was so happy and fired up, I stayed for another two hours and got things done I’ve been postponing for weeks.

Thank you Mr. Brains, I really hope we’ll run into each other more often.

“Oh I like watching you win
I like watching you win
You make it look easy”


*I’m very sorry about the hyperlink instead of a mp3 player, WordPress wouldn’t work with me. But please listen to the tune – it’s beautiful!


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