Close Your Eyes (Meghan Trainor*)


I have been watching a lot of movies, and talking to fellow musicians and researching about musicians that I like, and just discovering new music through them.

You could say I had some time in my hands, and I am kind of overwhelmed with the inspiration around me. There’s just so much to listen to, and to be inspired from, and so many paths to take.
Not to mention all the possibilities that I’ve already skipped by making the choices that brought me where I am today.
I don’t mean to sound like I have regrets, I hardly have any, but it’s just such a curious thing to think about all the things I could be that I am not.

Now, my real focus is to be a better version of myself. Everyday, a little better.

I was talking to my dad, telling him how when I was little, I really really wanted to be 20 years old.


That was the exact age.
Where I got the idea that being 20 was cool is beyond me. I just knew I wanted to be so.

And I’ve spent some time being twenty, and so many things have happened; it makes me believe that I must have been up to something when I was little.
We’re talking life changing stuff.
I decided to move out with my roommate, I got into a new program at my college, I got a full ride, I got my first regular gigs with a band, then I got an apartment, then I got screwed over by my rommate and became homeless for a few days, then I settled that down all by myself, and then I got my first gigs as a band leader of my own group.
And there’s still a few months left in my 20.
What else?

It really is crazy.

Well, soon I am leaving Home No.1 and going back to Home No.2, and at Home No.2 I am sure to find myself in new eccentricities.

Until then,


*Also, I am obsessed with Meghan Trainor – very talented, very tastefully sassy.


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