It’s A Good Day (Cyrille Aimee)


I’ve been away for longer than expected, yet I am back, on a calm night here in my Home No.1.

And it’s a new year.

2015 started off so crazy and weird, I don’t even know what to expect from the rest of the 354 days.

As I may have hinted before, I am an aspiring musician. And I had my very first gig, with my band as a leader, a few days before. Now, this is fantastic, but here’s the catch: It was snowing like a bitch and I honestly knew nobody would show up. And here’s another catch: the place was full! I do have to admit, these jazz clubs, they are tiny – but still. It was just such an awesome feeling to have people telling me “We wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Now our gig, it wasn’t perfect. But it was wam and fuzzy, and clearly opened up new horizons: We got another gig for this week.

But here’s the catch: I called up the tonmeister just now (the gig is tomorrow) and he didn’t know about the show. The tonmeister. The guy who sets up the sound. Had NO idea we were playing tomorrow.

Oh and also, I sprained my ankle in between these two things. While leaving another friend’s concert. No catch with that one. And no heels for this gig.

So here it is people, my crazy first 11 days of 2015.
And my very first post of the year too. If I can keep singing that It’s A Good Day, maybe it won’t be too bad.

(and a happy new year!)


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