Paper Boat (Cocoon)


Today was a good day.
I spent it with good friends, made music and talked and laughed.

Some of these friends were old friends of mine, those I don’t need no filters when I talk to.
And they haven’t seen me for a while, so I think my dark attitude (due to all the shit I went through with my old roommate situation) took them by surprise.

And I just loved the way they tried to cheer me up.
Not in a goofy way, but in a really genuine and caring way.

I miss having people around me, close to me, caring for me.
I hate being an adult for that.
We just are kind of expected to take care of ourselves, and just be fine all the time.
Not too long ago were we the babies of our families.
It’s hard to take charge all of a sudden.
It’s especially hard when things just don’t work out.

And it’s just sort of impossible to be carrying all that weight and being genuinely “happy”.
It just is.

So, I am so thankful for these friends, who reminded me how it felt to be cared for.
For sharing the weight on my shoulders, even for a night.

“We’ll cross the seas, and we will brave storms
In a paper boat…”

I hope there are people to remind you of the same feeling.



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