Soulman (Ben L’Oncle Soul)


Letting go is a slow process.

And once you’ve been through the shit I have been through – man it’s slower than a mis-counted ballad.

But I am accepting failure.
Or more like, I am accepting my limits.
I can’t forsee everything, and I can’t blame myself for trying to be good, wanting to believe in an old friend.

Letting go is a slow, slow process. So I am doing my best to focus on my work and my music to keep myself from replaying scenes from the past in my head.

“J’ai pas la sahesse de Gandhi
L’assurance de Mohammed Ali
J’ai pas l’ame d’un ganster
La bonte de l’Abbe Pierre
Ni l’aura Guevara”

Now it’s Karma’s turn.
I expect something magical and wonderful to happen in my life.
I think I deserve that.

“Je ne suis qu’un soulman
Je suis pas un superman
Loin de la
Juste moi, mes delires
Je n’ai rien d’autre a offrir
Mais je sais qu’en vrai c’est deja ça”



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