Fire (Kasabian)


So I am at that level with my roommates where I have to have a staying-awake contest with them to make sure they don’t leave the AC on for the whole night.
You never knew there was a level like this, did you?
Well we’re all here to learn.


This weekend was the first one to be completely mine.

No hells breaking loose, no hysteria, no breakdowns.

I like weekends like this. I could get used to this – once I can clean up the shit from the previous few weekends.

I saw a play, I practiced over 10 hours, I played music, I saw people I liked, I cooked, I ate, I had ice cream, I drank, I gossiped, I bumped into people, I got closer and I laughed and felt fine.
That’s how a weekend should be.

And this soundtrack is rather obvious this time: I feel like I am on Fire.

Now to the “moving on”.



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