Leolam (Avishai Cohen)


I would like to introduce a new concept to this blog, which is to make pro and con lists for my life, to keep me straight.
To remind me what’s good, and to rid my thoughts even for a minute of what’s bad.

And since I am a true believer of balance, I will try and come up with pros for every con.
And since I am a part-time cheat, on the off chance of actually having a good day I will let the pros be more than cons.
Never the other way around though, that’s basic depression.


Con: I am losing money due to reasons I had no control over

Pro: I practiced a really good amount today.

Con: I now hate one my closest friends that I made last year.

Pro: I now feel closer to a few of those friends I made last year.

Con: I don’t live the way I wanted to live.

Pro: I have place to live in and I feel safe.

Con: My roommates are a little annoying.

Pro: I think my roommates are intimidated by me so they don’t mess with me.

Con: I feel incredibly sad for making my parents go through what they are going through.

Pro: I feel incredibly grateful for them for being so understanding of my situation.

Con: I am really angry at the universe.

Pro: I still have a little hope in me that these troubles will give way to something wonderful.


So this is it.
What do you think? Do these things balance each other out?
Do I still have a chance at some peace of mind?

I guess “never will I know”.



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