On A Slow Boat To China (Bette Midler & Barry Manilow)


*break into song*

“I’m gonna get you on a slow boat to China
All to myself alone!
Get you and keep you in my arms evermore
Leave all the others waiting away on a faraway shore!”

So my head decided to take a break today – a break from the chain of unfortunate events that still need my attention.

And it decided that it wants to get on a Slow Boat to China.

It’s hard to say no when Bette Midler sings about it.

If I were to get back to me; I bare confessions.
And the confession of the day is that I have an unexplainable crush on the guitar player with the scruffy beard and messy hair. Yes, yes I do.
And it’s getting more and more ridiculous every day, because I really barely see him and whenever I do I just get that third-grader-freeze. It’s stupid really.

The sad part of this confession – because hey, this is my sad love life here – is that I know for a fact that this crush is not going anywhere. I am just so freaking certain. Certain enough to write it down right here for all of yous to read it.
And I hate knowing this.
I hate the fact that I have the nervousness of a third grader but not the optimism or courage or ignorance. Whichever may have worked in this situation.

“Out on the briny, where the moon’s big and shiny
Melting your heart of stone
I’m gonna get you on a boat to China
All to myself alone!”

So there you go Monsieur Scruffy.
If only you could smile back at me one day…

*end of dramatic rant*



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