Heart Skips A Beat (Olly Murs feat. Chiddy Bang)


So I know this soundtrack has gone a little too dark lately, and believe me it’s not over yet.

But among the many sad songs that I hear in my head, there are times that my mind-shuffle throws me a light tune.
Same thing goes for my life.

So, today, after a very long time I actually felt my heart skip a beat.
And it was for the silliest reason too.

Some random guy from my class asked me a question. One question. One short question.
And I was stupified.
I-couldn’t-answer-his-question-properly stupified.
Not to be superficial, but he wasn’t even that good looking.
He just had these blue eyes, and he spoke softly (because we were in the middle of class) and was looking me right in the eye.

I guess this is what happens when you are lonely for so long.
You just go mad every time someone looks you in the eye with even the slightest trace of compassion.
I find it very sad and very comical at the same time.

I just felt like a third grader.

Oh well.

It’s better than feeling like crap all day.



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