November (Tristan Prettyman)


So I will have to hold off on the exciting coming-back story. I have more pressing feelings that need washing away. That’s why we’re not listening to “Summer Breeze” by Seals and Crofts or something.
Here we go.


I like persistence.

It’s not like I don’t understand change. I do.
I understand discovering, learning, evolving.
I also understand that these things are driven from certain sources, a pool of experience, yours and others. When I think about these things, I see them as forward motions, like the pieces of a journey.

And like any journey, there is no going back. I mean there is, physically, going back. But there is no taking back of the experiences – discoveries, lessons, evolutions.
You don’t un-live things.

So that’s the part about change that I do not understand.
I don’t understand when someone changes despite their discoveries, lessons, evolutions.
How does one devolve?
How do I react to someone ignoring their own experiences? When they take on changes that clearly go against their character?

Also, how do I stop myself from thinking that I know people really well?

“Beneath the fog is a city I know too well, too well.”
But there is a fog.
So it’s not what I know, but what I remember. And memory is a funny thing, isn’t it?

Memory adjusts itself to go along with the scenarios you entertain in your head. The more complicated your scenarios are – the more “adapted” the memory becomes.
Next thing you know, you remember a completely different person that you are now faced with.
And it breaks you down.
“Down, down, down, down, down.”

So that’s why I like persistence.
Because it is within the flow of our journeys.
Because it is driven from actual experiences that actually effect you.
Because when something is persistent, you don’t need to doubt your memory about its existence.
Because it makes sense.

To persistence,


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