Worthy (Jacob Banks)


I’m currently flying over and through time zones, so you could say that my current state is this timeless thing.
I’m faster than time. I can literally save time. I think.


What does it hold?
What does it hold for the Indefinitelys of this exact moment?
How will it re-arrange itself when the Indefinitelys of a-few-hours-later lands on the ground?
How will it change for the Indefinitelys of every single second?

You see, it must be hard to be the future.
It has gotta be hard on the future Indefinitelys to take each others places every coming moment.
Especially when almost all Indefinitelys are so fond of stability. Of knowing their future. Of “making” their future.

It’s almost like a sculptor handing away his half-ass sculpture to another sculptor, who, before even creating a a decent shape out of the mold, will give it away to another sculptor.
It’s gotta be hard.

Sometimes I question my direction.
Despite being really clear about what I want my future to consist of, I’m still uncertain about my arrangement of these elements.

I’m not organized. And it’s a true surprise considering everything I achieved.
With experience you learn to work around it. You learn to manipulate things as they come to you into fitting little pieces for your puzzle of a life.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, since this current Indefinitelys is a timeless one, and since she can save up some of that time all the other versions of herself could use – she wants to apologize for being an unorganized little ass.
And thank her predecessors and successors for putting up with each other.
She’s grateful for that.



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