Back to the Start (Razorlight)


So I’m “back to the start”.
Back to square one.
To being on the road.

I said my goodbyes to a couple of people just now, and I’ve been saying the word goodbye everyday for the last few weeks and I can tell you it takes its toll right at this point. At square one.

The minute you’re done saying goodbye, you are officially gone whether you’re still at the airport, or on a plane that has not started to ascend, or a train still at the station.

You’re gone.
You’re to be “seeing them soon”.
You’re to “take care of yourself”.
You’re to “have safe travels”.
You’ve already departed, despite being at the exact same spot before you made the call. Or received the hug.

It’s weird how irrelevant space can be to our states of being.
And it’s weird how there’s actually nothing we can do about it.
It’s almost like it’s about our connection – our communication, that we maintain our physical distance from others.
If we refrain from saying goodbye, it’s almost like we can stay with our loved ones forever.


Then again,
How can we not say goodbye?
How can we possibly leave without getting the satisfaction of making our departure a meaningful thing?
How can we keep ourselves from that last hug, the tightest and longest of them all? And the good wishes for our safe travels? How can we possibly feel safe without them? Without someone caring about our wellbeing on the road?

“Well I don’t know why I feel this way
And I couldn’t stay here for one more day”

Like I said, these goodbyes take their toll on you once you are finished with them.
Once you’re at the airport by yourself, drinking ridiculously-priced vine from a plastic cup.

Goodbye and see you soon WordPressers.



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