Feel So Close (Calvin Harris)


I’m tired, my eyelids are weighing over my eyes and I can barely focus on anything.

Still I can’t get myself to go to bed and call it a day.

I think I am starting to feel nostalgic, before even leaving Home No. 1 to go to Home No. 2.
It’s a curse and it’s a blessing to have these two homes so freaking far away from each other.
And certainly, that time period, which starts five days before leaving and ends five days after arriving is a little too tiring.
It’s this earthly limbo and it gives you nothing but heart palpitations.

I have been getting ready to leave for a few days now, and the closer I get to leaving the more intense the preparations get and my days fill up with lengthy last minute chores.
I suppose it’s part of the excitement, and honestly I the procrastinator that I am could never pull off getting ready earlier then right-before-leaving so this is the best way around this whole thing.

I guess every time I am getting ready to take a journey, I expect there to be a grand goodbye parade before I leave.
It’s funny in a way, I know, and I wouldn’t know how to explain this expectation but I just feel it.
I feel like I should get together with everyone and anyone to say goodbye, to hug, to part “properly” – whatever that is.

Leaving a home is a huge thing, isn’t it?
I know I should start getting used to it – but how do you get used to that?
How do you get used to a continuum of major journeys?

These things are far too sentimental for me. I don’t think I’ll ever lose that feeling.
“I wear my heart upon my sleeve like a big deal”

Summer’s almost over for me. And I’m about to leave Home No. 1 for a third time.
And I missed Home No. 2.
And I can’t wait to be back.
I can’t wait to be back, even though I will feel the same sullen way about Home No. 1 once I’m there.

It never gets easy.
But that ought to be the beauty of it.

“There’s no stopping us right now.
I feel so close to you right now”



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