Nowhere Man (The Beatles)


Today is the day, when I will be having my uprising in politics and social philosophy.

This kind of thing will be rare here, simply because I like keeping this blog peaceful.
However, being young and opinionated, I will have to de-frustrate myself with my words and music.

Bear with me.


Today’s the day, that I have been proven once again by people around me that I do not belong to that place I come from.
In fact, I don’t even think that was where I came from.

I came from my home, our four-piece community, our thoughtful open-minded understanding little universe.

I came from my books, my music, my films, my conversations with my friends.

I came from luck.

I was not rich, am not rich.
I did not have everything, still don’t.
But I was granted a vision.
I was granted a brain, and good education, and that tiny exclusive universe with the motto “You Can Be Anything You Want To Be”.
And with that motto, came the subtext (which no one had to tell me) “Just Work Hard For It”.

So I did.
I worked hard. I used my opportunities, I earned new ones.

And I went through all my life thinking that these were the same mottos people had in their little universes.
That was me in high school.

Then I met people with much different universes, but I saw how our universes got to co-exist.
I was fascinated, I was happy, “This” I said to myself “So this is the world!”
That was my freshman year.

Now I’m in college, far away from home, and man, the things I’ve seen.

Being young, I was still dazed with life, like my fellow teenagers and twentysomethings; and we were told constantly by our favorite songs that all we needed was love.
How were we to understand war, financial crises, cults and bombs and explosions.
How were we to understand that a nation could chose to be mistreated.
Could chose a murderer, a con, a bully, a thief for a leader?
That was yesterday.

“He’s as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see”

I am disappointed in friends, and I am disappointed in strangers.

“Nowhere Man can you see me at all?”

I don’t understand this world, where the scum of the earth is raised to thrones, and the good hearted are stamped upon, over and over again.

I am officially done trying, and hoping.

That hoodlum can sit on his blood-stained throne and keep making his plans for nobody, but himself.

While we still can,


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