Small Song (Lhasa De Sela)


Among those things I am constantly trying to learn is to be satisfied with the small things.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the little things in life, I sure do, but what I’m missing is to reach happiness with those little things, only.

But I must be on the right track, because I can become ecstatic with the smell of fresh coffee.
I can dote on a piece of quality praline.
I can be genuinely proud of myself when I doodle a moderately good doodle. I can even instagram it, instantly.
I can listen to that sweet new song I discovered on the radio at least hundred times, without getting bored a bit.
I LOVE making jokes. I LOVE laughter. I will always laugh more when I see a friend laughing at my jokes.

An these are only the few of those little things that I come across everyday, and they make me the happiest person on earth.
For a bit.
And then I’m back on the cold ground from those pink clouds.

I mean, you’d think, being so capable of feeling joy, I would also be capable of sustaining it longer than 10 minutes, but no.

But, like I said, I must be on the right track.
It also helps that the “big” stuff in my life are also in line for the time being.

Now, onto that fresh coffee…


PS: Here’s another small thing to celebrate and be happy about: This is my 20th post!
A round of virtual beers (or ginger ales) on me! Cheers!


One thought on “Small Song (Lhasa De Sela)

  1. Moments of happiness, that’s it. Congratulations. And long stretches of being content. And moments of sadness. That’s life. I don’t think anybody is happy all the time.

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