Pharell Mashup (Pomplamoose)


So on the spectrum of partying up, I fall towards the “Darling-I’d-Rather-Not” end.

I know this is a rather odd thing for a twentysomething to say on a blog dedicated to the life of a twentysomething, but it’s the truth.
I know this is among those thing I differ from other twentysomethings, but honestly, I like being this way.

This feels like a nice place to stop and say that, I do drink, and go out plenty.
But I like doing all that sensibly.

I love going out to meet friends to chat over drinks.
I love going to concerts and events and explorations in the city.
Hell I even like dancing.
But I do not understand going out for the sole purpose of getting hammared.
That to me sounds like a night wasted. It’s even worse then watching the re-runs of the re-runs of Law and Order.

So, I particularly hate it when people declare me to be a bore when I refuse to “party-up”.
I like having actual fun, and not an overdone buzz, and especially not a hangover.

In conclusion,
Invite me to catch up over drinks any time.
I’ll buy the first round.
Just don’t drag me to some moist packed up club soaked with bad tequila.


I know this post is far too grumpy for this blog, but this twentysomething has her grumpy days.

I’m sure all you handful of readers do too.

(ironic, or what?)


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