Do Me A Favor (Arctic Monkeys)


There are times in anyone’s life when life stops being something to live and becomes something to cope with.

Our coping strategies shape our way back to the state of living life.
In making those strategies, we choose a part of ourselves to be seen by others.
While not necessarily a mask, this particular part of us is a refined version of us, more resilient and capable; a part we’re confident of.

Then, depending on the frequency of your use of this strategy, this part starts defining you.
People expect to see that face, and that attitude; and honestly, you find it easier to be that person too.
So you keep it up.

It takes a while for you to understand, that on the inside, there just isn’t a way for you to keep it up for too long.
You can’t always be resilient or capable or confident.
And you’re not just the resilient and capable and confident you, but you’re also your jealousies and your fears and your worries.

And the people around you?
Honestly, they can just fuck off* if they cannot handle a complete person.


*Excuse mon Français.


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