Hey Jude (Joe Anderson)


So, if you’ve been keeping up with the posts, you know that I was a little bit more than a little sad and petty and angry.
I get this way much easier than I wish I did, but that’s okay.
I am as unreasonable as the next person. Reasonably unreasonable.

Here’s the story for that:
The older I get, the more worried I become for everything.

At the same time, I started working on my self-calming skills.

However, I began the worrying long before I could start working on those self-calming skills, so I always find my worries one step ahead of my efforts to keep me peaceful.

At this time of my life, I can tell you proudly and happily that I am building a life for myself with my barehands. I work hard, keep myself on top of things, build connections, and I pursue a life of happiness. I go the extra mile to make sure I work for those things I love, and am not just “bound” to do.

But working towards the things I love, make it a tad harder to keep calm when thing’s don’t go the way I imagine. However much I may believe in the “balance” in life, and the principle of “hard work pays off”, I can’t help myself lose faith in those, when I come across the slightest complication. It hits me right at the nerve. It becomes personal; and I get emotional. 

So with a life pursuit so delicate, the rest of my life seems like a web made of fragile strings that has to carry the weight of it all.

As you can see, when we talk about this life of mine, we talk about how easily it can fall into pieces, as I perceive it.

But that’s not realistic at all. And anyone who knows me, knows that. Including me.

I just can’t see it at times of despair, and frustration, which is basically half the time.

I made so many things happen in my life.
I am where I want to be, going where I want to go.
There are certainly a million things missing in it, but I am working on them,

Dear Present-Me,
Listen to Joe; take a sad song, and make it better.
We both know, that that’s all you want to do, anyway.



2 thoughts on “Hey Jude (Joe Anderson)

  1. Such a great version of that song. As for the road bumps along the path to your dreams: appreciate their presence and learn from each of them, then move on stronger than before. It sounds like you have already adopted this mentality, which puts you ahead of most people. To fail is to be human. Resilience from those failures is what sets us apart. You’re absolutely right; the song says it all. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you! I really love exploring songs I knew for so long in different contexts, and I’m glad you find it as interesting!
      I like to think that I did indeed adopt the mentality you’re reffering to, but I just forget it once in a while. That’s why I capture the realization of it in writing whenever I can, maybe that will help me remember?
      And now I’ll always have your comment reminding me that not only is failing but even forgetting to calm myself over that failure is okay, that it’s human.
      Thank you, for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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