Stop Me (Mark Ronson feat. Daniel Merriweather)


Even though I am not a morning person, I do have to admit that you get more out of a day when you wake up early.

Since I have lost the ability to sleep any time before midnight (heck, before 2 AM during summer), the earlier I wake up the more hours I get. At least that’s what I feel like is happening, with a constant yawn in my jaw.

I do like the dusky sunshine of the morning. And the sweet breeze you get just before noon.

I also like going to breakfasts with friends I have not seen over a year, and still being able to chat away three hours without a pause.

I like the fresh tea, and the still-warm bread.

I like seeing the traces of the night before in the streets.
The shattered glass of a beer bottle being sweept away. The drying rain on the pavement. The dew on every other flower.

I like the quiet, that is, the accumulation of the softer noises like a pot of tea boiling and old ladies conversing and newspaper pages turning.

I don’t like this city, as much as I used to. Well, I don’t even know how much I liked it before. But I like it sometimes. From certain angles. In certain lights.

So when I spend a morning with an old friend, by the sea, remembering the good things, and parleying the better, I do like this city.



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