Same Jeans (The View)


As far as I can remember, all of my favorite days in my life included some sort of a concert.
I could tell you, without thinking, that there is nothing I enjoy more than live music.

A lot of people will tell you that they love music. And a lot of people are sincere about it.
Honestly, I don’t think that disliking music is even possible.
Anyone that tells you that they do not like music – if you happen to stumble upon such person of such rare quality – you should just stop conversing with them.
They’re either bullshitting you; or are psychopaths, and due to their unique situation are either incapable of processing their “feels” well or are in denial of them.

Music, if heard, has this sublime power, that takes over your body physically and mentally and there is just no stopping it. Except for turning off the radio or something. But that’s beyond my point.

So, going to a concert is this grand experience, of an extent that some of you may not be realizing or simply not thinking about.

It’s basically surrendering your body and soul to the performer’s mercy.
It’s granting them the power to move you however they want.
That’s how vulnurable and sincere you actually become when you’re at a concert. You just don’t think about it.

But it shows.
It shows, when you can’t stop your feet from tapping; or when you swing your head to the beat; or when a ballad makes you shed a few tears;  and especially when you are dancing – you out of all people! who hates dancing.

A while ago I went to a concert of my favorite band; and I remember not being able to even look at the stage, because I was so overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with the music, and I was overwhelmed with this band’s existence, and every single memory I had of myself listening to their music. I was breathless. For a moment. Then I had to breath so I could sing along every song. So I could be a part of that harmony. That experience. That magic.

I never got to see this band again, but I have been to a good number of performances ever since, and my experiences may not have been as overwhelming but they have always been refreshing and inspiring.

I also want to make a note to say, that, I don’t mean that there is no bad music or anything. We all have our tastes in music and all that; but I also think that anyone who enjoys their own music can have you musing to it as well. They may not be virtuosos, but they may be really passionate, and sometimes that’s all it takes.

So, anyway.
There is nothing else I enjoy more than live music, and in that sense, this weeks been truly nice to me.



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