Love of the Loveless (The Eels)


Seeing old friends can be a true awakening for some.

And for some, it will be just a reminder of the distances taken.

I feel like the older I get, the easier it becomes for me to meet with people I have not seen in years. The bigger the gap, the easier it becomes to acknowlege it. To admit to yourself that you are not the same people you were the last time you saw each other.
You can’t be, and that’s fine.

The expectations diminish after all those years. It’s almost like meeting for a regular check up.
“Oh, so you’re alive and well. Me too. All alive and well.”

The one thing that is scary about all this is, that, you don’t know when it stops.
The shedding of the close friends.
Years ago, this stranger that is asking you about your new life, was everything for you.
Your best friend, your truest confidant, the one you just knew you would never ever be separated from.

Well. Will you look at that?

So that’s scary. The possibility that your current soul mate is a future-stranger.
It’s also very, very sad.
But that sadness is very light, and hidden, and you hardly feel it as time wipes away everything it touches.

I actually don’t know the lesson behind this one.
I suppose it would be something along the lines of “Enjoy life while you can”.

But you heard that one already, didn’t you?



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