Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)


One thing I think I learned in the last few years (that I never actually learn and am at awe every time I re-learn it) is that people are unstable.

Even the most stable seeming ones are unstable. They may turn out to be the most unstable ones too.

As stubborn, and unchanging some people seem, they will put their guards down and change. And when they do, they will be even more stubborn, and unchanging about their new found state.
They will be ridiculous.
You will have to laugh.

The truth is, that, with all the senses and the awareness we are gifted with, we’re just too powerless against the tiniest stimulus.
And those who are stubborn, and refuse change are only good at arguments. At fighting the other, defending against, reacting to.

But there is no argument, and no fight when you’re on your own.
It’s just a big jumble of crumbs and pieces of ideas and feelings.
And it’s at those overwhelming dives into one’s own heart that the most radical decisions made.
The one’s just unexplainable.
The one’s that drives the other mad.

Because it leaves the other clueless about the journey that took you to that conclusion.
The other had no say in where you ended up.
And the other was a part of this journey, before you left the other at the crossings.
So the other is truly mad.
And the other is rightfully mad too.

But you’re just too long gone to come back, aren’t you?



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