Old Fashioned (Cee Lo Green)


Seeing old friends have given my mood a good twirl and now I feel alright again.

I guess I expected it.

Today’s confession is that I can be a little old fashioned at times. Stubborn in my ways. And even perverse.
It’s must be because everything is quite clear to me.
How life needs to play out itself, is very clear to me.
And I am well able to successfuly ignore the fact that, clarity doesn’t always mean smooth.

There is no certainty in life. Or any ‘foreverness’. Sometimes things change, just because it is time to change.

So that very fact can make life harder to live sometimes, at least for those of us who like holding onto it. The tradition. The common perception. The roots of it all.

Funny enough, the ephemeral things are always the most beautiful things in life.
Don’t you think?



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